Who We Are

 Biashara is on a mission to create an open agri-network to unlock the trillion-dollar plus potential of African agriculture with smallholder farmers at the center of it. Staying true to its name, Biashsra stands for collective growth & collective prosperity for the agri ecosystem. Serving the entire value chain, Biashara’s Agri Commerce and Agri Finance solutions enable affiliated farmer collectives and the larger ecosystem to be more efficient and productive through multiple technology enabled interventions and collaborative partnerships.

Our Customer Segments

Farmer Collectives have been monumental in helping farmers with shared interests to negotiate for better input aggregation, market linkages and extension services. Biashara has pioneered an approach that anticipates and creates forward-looking solutions for farmer collectives. Biashsra’s DAMLA approach (Data, Aggregation, Market Linkage, and Advisory) entails a competitive and holistic engagement beyond finance with the collectives.

Our Focus Areas

Agri Commerce

Trade Solutions

Marketplace Solutions

Storage Solutions

Agri Finance

Term Loan

Receivable Finance

Working Capital Loans

Farmer Collectives



Market Linkage

Agri Enterprises

Fresh | Livestock | Food Processing | Inputs | Commodities

To keep the agricultural ecosystem’s market fully functional and ever-expanding, Biashara leverages social and trade capital in buyer and seller relationships for sustainable results and inclusive growth. With supply-payment linkages, deduction at source models and customised agricultural finance solutions, Samunnati enables Agri Enterprises to bridge the gap.

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