IoT Technology

Hakuna Group along side Biashara is developing IoT devices that will make sure to improve the productivity of our farmers. These IoT devices will collect data’s and provides these to the farmers via our App Biashara.

Soil Measure

We help our farmers get soil test done by using one of our IoT devices . Soil composition data points provide foundations for selecting the right kind of Agri Input (seed/fertilizer) and to generate advanced analytics e.g. yield predictions and Personalized Advisory. These Data’s are collected and viewed via Biashara.


Rugged phones

Weather station

The development of agriculture has always been closely tied to the interpretation and prediction of weather. The first standard rain gauge was developed in 1441 and since then, humans have been attempting to better predict the weather using increasingly advanced tools to protect their crops.


No matter how many technological innovations happen in the agriculture industry, growing food will always be dependent on the weather where it is grown. Weather is the most important variable in crop health and being able to closely monitor it is extremely valuable when determining planting times, treatment plans, irrigation schedules, and more.


That is why Biashara is developing an affordable weather station for Africa that is directly integrated with the platform. This way the farmer will get direct feedback and notifications about the weather and can take action for best quality crops.

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