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Agri Commerce


Biashara helps agri enterprises towards growth and transformation by offering Agri Commerce solutions in
addition to financial intervention. Such support is provided by the establishment of market linkages as well as trading solutions.

Steps Involved In Exporting

Facilitating trade relationships ie. market linkages between agri enterprises and small producers, cooperatives and FPOs

Involves connecting the demand and supply by leveraging the right market linkages and on the whole taking care of the agri value chain

Physical trading is taken up, wherein Biashara registers as a vendor with modern retailers and supplies commodities in bulk.

Farm intelligence

AI, ML & Analytics

Quantity, quality and availability of farm produce are important factors that drive major part of India’s economy. It has a direct impact on livelihood of the farmers as well as operations of downstream food production companies.


Using Data Science, Agri Science and Machine Learning technologies, we have been working on Artificial Intelligence engine that can correlate many of parameters that affect agriculture and provide predictive analytics and early warning solutions for better production and prediction.

Personalized advisory for farmer

AI-powered advisory based on the crop, agro-climactic conditions and specific farming conditions of the farmer.

Early-warning for crop protection

Provide warnings of inclement weather and pestilence ahead of time and possible preventive actions and remedies.

Better risk management for Insurance

Provide warnings of inclement weather and pestilence ahead of time and possible preventive actions and remedies.

Agri Input

Seed, Fertilizers & Pesticides

Input material at the beginning of farming cycle is the most important aspect that determines the quality and volume of the output – hence the income and livelihood of the farmer. Serious gaps in the agri-input value chain exist due to demand and supply mismatch, substandard locally manufactured products, duplication, adulteration, and black-marketing of key products.


Farmers are often misguided about the variety, solution, and dosage of Seed, Fertilizer and Pesticide they should be using. Our objective is to provide agri input of right Kind of right Quality at right Price and at right Time.


Our robust technology solutions for supply chain management enables us to provide direct cost saving to the farmer up to 15%, delivery of input at farmers’ doorstep and post-sales support with advisory on usage and monitoring Health & Growth of the crop as the cropping season wears on.


Farmers Helpline and Support

What crop to grow? How best to grow it? What seed/fertilizer to use and when? Answers to these questions have never been more critical and relevant today with billions of mouths to feed while pursuing sustainable agriculture and dealing with climate change.


Traditionally crop advisory for farmers has come from other farmers and from local “historical experience”. While that may be useful in limited ways, that mechanism does not incorporate proper scientific know-how and advances in agri technology and processes.

Advisory Services

Biashara understands the real testament of growth is not just scaling farmers’ incomes. Through agricultural advisory services we offer training skills ranging from situation analysis and business planning to agricultural finance literacy and disaster preparedness, Biashara helps in boost operations and eventually increase the scale of production.

Automatic Crop Advisory Calls

Our analytics technology seeks to provide personalized advisory based on each farmers individual farming conditions. Biashara Technology Platform provides features to send out reminder notifications in local language relevant information related to crop monitoring, weather and market. Given that the Farmers still less digitally connected and culturally may prefer a human direct interaction – we provide advisory in offline modes as well. 

Automatic Crop Advisory Calls

You don’t necessarily have to know details about every crop. through periodic crop advisory calls and messages, not only keeps you informed about all the major problems of ongoing/current crop but also guide you step-by-step to overcome the problem through detailed expert advice. The purpose of the crop advisory is to ensure right information and knowledge on crop production that is actionable is delivered to the farming household so that they are able to take action in time to achieve steady crop productivity and production.

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