What we do for farmer

Leveraging Technology & Advisory Solutions

Among its multiple services, Biashara App provides frequent crop reminder notification voice calls in local language to the farmer specific to their crop requirements. Thus, Farmers were informed about the right dosage of input as well as the best available crop consultation. It also provide the farmers with the flexibility to order input through our App and even sell their output directly to Biashara through the app, removing middleman at raw price. They even start getting customized advisory services through automated messages and voice calls based on real-time information.

Solution For Micro-Entrepreneur

Output Procurement Loan

By helping build market connections, Biashsra aids the smallholder farmers in the Farmer Producer Organisation to cater to large scale buyers. Our agri loan model ensures the farmers (or members) are paid in full as soon as the produce is delivered.


The use of Biashara Application to support the transformation of local micro-entrepreneurs which leads to make farming more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable is the key to serve more and more farmers. Keeping things simple and work flawlessly is what Biashara App stands for.

Agri Finance

Receivable Financing Loan

This is a bill discounting loan which is given to cover the period between the completion of sales of the produce and the actual payment. It is used by clients to circumvent their working capital shortage during the credit period. Agri Receivable Finance (ARF) is a perfectly crafted product in this segment which allows the customer to discount the bills of credit supplies to strong buyers

Terms Loans

Short Agri Term Loans – Bridge loans provided to farmers certain turnover for filling up the Working Capital gap. Short agri term loans are provided to agriculture enterprises for a period not exceeding 12 months

App-based fully- digitized finance

Just one click, and best quality input at very reasonable price will be waiting at your doorstep.

Trade Solutions Physical Trading

Physical trading is taken up, wherein Biashsra registers as a vendor with modern retailers and supplies commodities in bulk. The commodities are procured either from the mainstream market or from the producer collectives and supplied to modern retailers after charging a margin

Trade Solutions

Bill to Ship to Model – These solutions are offered by Biashsra Agro Solutions, a subsidiary of Biasharai Finance. A bill to ship to model is where the seller sells the products to the buyer and sends the bill to Biashara. The model enables the buyer to purchase the required goods in a timely manner. By paying the suppliers on the buyer’s behalf, Biashara facilitates a hassle-free procurement.

Customised Solutions

For the ever-expanding agricultural ecosystem, Biashsra provides tailored agri finance solutions. From working capital to risk assessment, there are many solutions that can be customised.

Solution For Institutional-Buyers

Market Linkages

Quantity, quality and availability of farm produce are important factors that have a direct impact on operations of downstream food production companies. Using Data Science, Agri Science and Machine Learning technologies, we have been working on Artificial Intelligence engine that can correlate many of parameters that affect agriculture and provide predictive analytics and early warnings for better production and forecasting mechanism that helps our institutional buyers better plan their operations.


Facilitating trade relationships ie. market linkages between agri enterprises and small producers, cooperatives and FPOs. This involves connecting the demand and supply by leveraging the right market linkages and on the whole taking care of the agri value chain. auction mechanism to our platform as well.

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